The Pressure is ON

Find who your city council representative is by clicking this link:

We want to continue pressure all City Councilors but we especially want to target –
Seth Yurdin, Ward 1
Thank him for his vote last week and for his upcoming second YES vote.  His previous work on PERA is vital to the CSA.
Twitter: @SethYurdin

Samuel D. Zurier, Ward 2
Thank him for his vote last week. Ask him to not hide behind what the AG says and go with the city solicitor and what the community needs.

Nicholas J. Narducci, Jr., Ward 4
Thank him for his yes vote – that took courage and it is appreciated. Ask him to do it again.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook(dot)com/Nicholas.Narducci.Jr/

Jo-Ann Ryan, Ward 5
Thank her for her support. She has been wonderful. Hope we can count on it one more time.
401-595-8604, 401-464-2046
Facebook page: https://www.facebook(dot)com/Ward5Providence/
Twitter: @JoannRyanPVD5

Michael J. Correia, Ward 6
Noticed your absence last week. Hope you will be there this week in support of the Community Safety Act. Time to be on the right side of history on this one.

John J. Igliozzi, Ward 7
Thank you for your support last week. We hope you will stay strong on this.

Wilbur W. Jennings, Jr., Ward 8
Thank you for your support last week. We hope we can continue to count on you for support this week.

Terrence M. Hassett, Ward 12
Thank him for his vote last week and make sure he will support it on the second vote.

David A. Salvatore, Ward 14
Thank him for his support last week. Hope he will stay strong this week.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook(dot)com/DavidASalvatore/
Twitter: @DavidASalvatore

Sabina Matos Ward 15
We saw that she was absent and hope that she will be present to vote yes on Thursday. Please don’t let the police intimidate you. Do what is right for your community.
Twitter: @Sbina_Matos

If you are active on social media, please tweet at Yurdin and Zurier or post to their Facebook pages asking something like this:

@sethyurdin Thanks for supporting the CSA + previous work around PERA. We hope to see you continue that legacy this Thursday.

@SamZurier Is it true that you are wavering on your support of the CSA making it contingent on the politically motivated AG


A Timeline Update!

Wow things are moving so fast!

On Monday April 10th we had a second public hearing.

On Monday April 17th the Ordinance Committee voted to have the CSA brought before City Council for a FULL vote.

On Thursday April 20th at 7pm the City Council will be voting on the CSA.

On Thursday April 27th at 530pm City Council will be voting on the CSA for the second time before it is brought to Mayor Elorza for signature.

There’s a lot going on. We are so determined to get this ordinance passed by the end of the month so please follow us on twitter @pvdcsa or on Facebook – Community Safety Act as we made quicker updates.

Updated CSA!

A huge thank you to organizations and businesses that have submitted their letters of supports. It is having a significant impact on City Councilors who are feeling that pressure. A shoutout to the Cambodian Society of Rhode Island, The Economic Progress Institute, the Providence Wholistic Health Care, and Representative Joseph S. Almeida for being among some of the first organizations and representatives to submit their letters.

There’s still time for your organization / business to submit their letter. Email for a sample but also make sure to CC her in the letter when submitted.

If you need the most recent updates made to the CSA, check out “Full Text of the CSA”.

URGENT- Organizational / Business Letters of Support Needed

The Community Safety Act is now in the Ordinance Committee and almost ready to move to the whole City Council!

Our allies on the City Council have said the rest of the Council really need to hear from more organizations to remind them that this is indeed a community ordinance broadly supported by the community.

We know you have supported the CSA, now is the moment we need you to show it. Please write and send a letter expressing your support, written on organizational letterhead. If you are not part of an organization, please get an organization or business to write a letter of support.  You will find a sample letter below for your use as you see fit. Try and include why the CSA is important to you and your constituents. Please send the letter by April 10th as we are having a 2nd Public Hearing on April 10th at 530pm.

Mail your letter to:
Providence City Council, City Hall, Room 310
25 Dorrance Street
Providence, RI  02903

You can also scan and email your letter to:
Please cc so we can track how many letters have been sent!

In your email ask Nigel Fleming to please make copies and distribute to each Council Member.


Dear Providence City Council Member,

On behalf of my organization, ___________, I am writing in support of the proposed city ordinance, the Community Safety Act.  We are grateful for the years of work and months of negotiation that have produced such an important ordinance.

As cities around the country have shown, finding ways to hold police, who are hired to serve and protect all the people of the city, to values and standards that reflect the whole city, it is important that there are ways of holding them accountable to those values and standards.

[include why the CSA is important to you and your constituents, for example these words on immigrants and youth]

In these troubling times it is all the more important that our city ordinances and policies protect the immigrants who live in our midst and protect our youth.  We are painfully aware that now simply being listed on a gang database can be the cause of a deportation.  There is no room for mistakes. 

We hope that you will support this important ordinance.

Thank you.


Hey Community,
There is no public hearing on the 21st anymore.
A version of the CSA that we the community had not looked at was almost voted on by the Ordinance Committee earlier this month. Luckily, we were able to stop that process and demand a copy of this not-CSA to look over.
This process is grueling and hard. It’s draining but we’re still pushing for OUR CSA and are hoping to have one passed in the next couple of months.
Thank you for your continuous support. Thank for you contacting your City Councilors and Mayor Elorza. Please continue this pressure as it is helping us talking to Councilors we were unable to reach before.
We will keep you updated as much as possible.
in solidarity,

Where We Are – An Update

We still here! We’re still working on this ordinance!

It’s a long process to pass an ordinance is what we’re learning. There are so many meetings, so many emails, and so many conversations about how do we powerfully create police accountability.

Where we are now is that we have a newer version of the CSA that has a few changes to it. These changes are based on feedback from City Council’s office, folks who are working hard with us to make sure that we get this ordinance passed immediately.

On Tuesday February 7th at 530pm, the CSA will be a part of the Ordinance Committee agenda. This is not a vote on the CSA but rather re-introducing the CSA with all of the latest changes. Afterwards, we will be holding another public hearing for the CSA on February 21st (time to be determined) to testify once again on the importance of this ordinance.

We will need you on the 21st to pack City Hall and to say that we have waited long enough. We have compromised long enough. We need safety now.

Invite all of your friends, community members, and family to the CSA Public Hearing on Feb. 21st (time to be determined). And please check our Facebook (/Community Safety Act) for more instant updates.

in solidarity,

An Open Letter to Our Community

We are still reeling from this past election. We are still in shock but not surprised that white supremacy has taken the highest office. But we are not done fighting for you, for us.

We are committed to our community, which is why we drafted this bill in the first place. We came together as community organizations and activists, but mostly as individuals who are directly affected by this work. We heard your stories of police harassment and brutality, knew of the trauma that you talked about because we’ve experienced it too. So, we drafted the CSA as a form of protection for us, the community, from the Providence Police Department.

Now that White Supremacy is in office, we must work faster to pass the CSA. We must protect the most vulnerable people in our community, from youth to immigrants to people of color. We do not want to compromise the safety of our community any longer.

To Mayor Elorza who has publicly stated that he wants to pass his own CSA, you are compromising the safety of our community. We have come to you repeatedly since you took office to be a part of this work and you refused until we shamed you to a meeting. And now, to say that you want to write a new CSA from scratch and invite us to the planning table is an insult and a danger to us.

We have been at the table. We built the chairs, the table, the house, everything. We have poured so much time, resources, energy into this ordinance. So when you tell us that you want to start from scratch instead of investing in what the community has repeatedly told you it needs, well Mayor Elorza that’s a danger to our safety.

We are done waiting for you to support our community.

The City Council of Providence is holding a special Ordinance Committee on November 28th at 515pm to vote on the Providence Community Safety Act. If 3 members of the Ordinance Committee vote yes, the CSA comes to a full vote before the City Council. We would need 8 City Councilors to vote yes for the CSA to be law. And if Mayor Elorza vetoes it, then we would need 10 City Councilors to vote yes.

Providence Community, this is our time. We must show up stronger than ever and demand our protection. Pass the CSA!

The Ordinance Committee hearing will be at 5.15pm Monday, November 28th. The City Council meeting will be December 1st at 7pm. Both will take place on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

For more info, contact

In Solidarity,

The STEP UP Committee.