In Regards to the new FOP President

The STEP UP Network appreciates  Sgt. Bohm’s hard work to open up dialogue between the F.O.P. membership and the Community.  We expect that the new FOP President Michael Imondi will communicate whatever concerns he may have about the existing law of our City in a constructive manner.

The STEP UP Network also expects that the FOP will respect the years of work by all parties that has gone into the passage of the Providence Community Police Relations Act (formerly known as the Community Safety Act). We hope they will engage productively in implementation of the ordinance and not waste time trying to undo an ordinance that has had several years of vetting by all parties involved.  The ordinance is looked to as a model by other cities who are also seeking ways to increase communications and accountability between the community and the police. Now is the time for moving forward together in this important work.

The STEP UP Network is a coalition of community groups addressing police accountability in Providence.

For more information contact Justice Gaines

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