Another (super late) Updated

It’s been a month since we’ve formally updated our website but if you want more immediate updates, please follow our Twitter @pvdCSA.

So last time, we were urging folks to show up for the second vote for the CSA before the City Council. Unfortunately, a highly false and misinformed letter by the Fraternal Order of the Police, aka the police union, intimidated several council-members to vote to table the ordinance until June 1st. A CSA Working Group was instead created to address some of the issues that the police incorrectly felt were not addressed. Initially this Working Group did not include any community members, but our strongest ally Councilor Mary Kay Harris quickly worked on getting that changed.

We are forever grateful for the work that Justice Gaines, Martha Yager, Shannah Kurland, and Linda Heng put into this Working Group. As members of the CSA Coalition and larger Providence community, these 4 folks ensured that the power of the CSA did not wane due to police intimidation.

This Working Group has concluded and are expected to submit a report with new revisions of the CSA, including a name change. For all intents and purposes, we will still refer to the Providence Community-Police Relations Act as the Community Safety Act or CSA.

June 1st is around the corner. so once again let’s pack City Hall.
we are asking folks to please show up at 630pm for the second vote of the CSA.

Once passed, it will be brought before Mayor Elorza where we expect him to sign into law.

For the facebook event, please click here.


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