The Pressure is ON

Find who your city council representative is by clicking this link:

We want to continue pressure all City Councilors but we especially want to target –
Seth Yurdin, Ward 1
Thank him for his vote last week and for his upcoming second YES vote.  His previous work on PERA is vital to the CSA.
Twitter: @SethYurdin

Samuel D. Zurier, Ward 2
Thank him for his vote last week. Ask him to not hide behind what the AG says and go with the city solicitor and what the community needs.

Nicholas J. Narducci, Jr., Ward 4
Thank him for his yes vote – that took courage and it is appreciated. Ask him to do it again.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook(dot)com/Nicholas.Narducci.Jr/

Jo-Ann Ryan, Ward 5
Thank her for her support. She has been wonderful. Hope we can count on it one more time.
401-595-8604, 401-464-2046
Facebook page: https://www.facebook(dot)com/Ward5Providence/
Twitter: @JoannRyanPVD5

Michael J. Correia, Ward 6
Noticed your absence last week. Hope you will be there this week in support of the Community Safety Act. Time to be on the right side of history on this one.

John J. Igliozzi, Ward 7
Thank you for your support last week. We hope you will stay strong on this.

Wilbur W. Jennings, Jr., Ward 8
Thank you for your support last week. We hope we can continue to count on you for support this week.

Terrence M. Hassett, Ward 12
Thank him for his vote last week and make sure he will support it on the second vote.

David A. Salvatore, Ward 14
Thank him for his support last week. Hope he will stay strong this week.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook(dot)com/DavidASalvatore/
Twitter: @DavidASalvatore

Sabina Matos Ward 15
We saw that she was absent and hope that she will be present to vote yes on Thursday. Please don’t let the police intimidate you. Do what is right for your community.
Twitter: @Sbina_Matos

If you are active on social media, please tweet at Yurdin and Zurier or post to their Facebook pages asking something like this:

@sethyurdin Thanks for supporting the CSA + previous work around PERA. We hope to see you continue that legacy this Thursday.

@SamZurier Is it true that you are wavering on your support of the CSA making it contingent on the politically motivated AG



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