URGENT- Organizational / Business Letters of Support Needed

The Community Safety Act is now in the Ordinance Committee and almost ready to move to the whole City Council!

Our allies on the City Council have said the rest of the Council really need to hear from more organizations to remind them that this is indeed a community ordinance broadly supported by the community.

We know you have supported the CSA, now is the moment we need you to show it. Please write and send a letter expressing your support, written on organizational letterhead. If you are not part of an organization, please get an organization or business to write a letter of support.  You will find a sample letter below for your use as you see fit. Try and include why the CSA is important to you and your constituents. Please send the letter by April 10th as we are having a 2nd Public Hearing on April 10th at 530pm.

Mail your letter to:
Providence City Council, City Hall, Room 310
25 Dorrance Street
Providence, RI  02903

You can also scan and email your letter to:  nfleming@providenceri.gov
Please cc vanessa@prysm.us so we can track how many letters have been sent!

In your email ask Nigel Fleming to please make copies and distribute to each Council Member.


Dear Providence City Council Member,

On behalf of my organization, ___________, I am writing in support of the proposed city ordinance, the Community Safety Act.  We are grateful for the years of work and months of negotiation that have produced such an important ordinance.

As cities around the country have shown, finding ways to hold police, who are hired to serve and protect all the people of the city, to values and standards that reflect the whole city, it is important that there are ways of holding them accountable to those values and standards.

[include why the CSA is important to you and your constituents, for example these words on immigrants and youth]

In these troubling times it is all the more important that our city ordinances and policies protect the immigrants who live in our midst and protect our youth.  We are painfully aware that now simply being listed on a gang database can be the cause of a deportation.  There is no room for mistakes. 

We hope that you will support this important ordinance.

Thank you.


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