Where We Are – An Update

We still here! We’re still working on this ordinance!

It’s a long process to pass an ordinance is what we’re learning. There are so many meetings, so many emails, and so many conversations about how do we powerfully create police accountability.

Where we are now is that we have a newer version of the CSA that has a few changes to it. These changes are based on feedback from City Council’s office, folks who are working hard with us to make sure that we get this ordinance passed immediately.

On Tuesday February 7th at 530pm, the CSA will be a part of the Ordinance Committee agenda. This is not a vote on the CSA but rather re-introducing the CSA with all of the latest changes. Afterwards, we will be holding another public hearing for the CSA on February 21st (time to be determined) to testify once again on the importance of this ordinance.

We will need you on the 21st to pack City Hall and to say that we have waited long enough. We have compromised long enough. We need safety now.

Invite all of your friends, community members, and family to the CSA Public Hearing on Feb. 21st (time to be determined). And please check our Facebook (/Community Safety Act) for more instant updates.

in solidarity,


One thought on “Where We Are – An Update

  1. I’m so glad to hear that the CSA is moving ahead and will do everything in my power to be at both the Council meeting and the public hearing. In the meantime, will you be posting the new draft on of the ordinance online? I would very much like to keep abreast of the emendations as they’re made. Only Friday, I wrote the following as part of an email to Mayor Elorza:

    <Please, Mayor Elorza, call off the dogs! As I accompanied students on their walk-out to the State House on inauguration Friday, I was frightfully aware of a police van full of barking dogs. Why were they there?? My sense is that the agitated dogs were serving the purpose of threatening protestors by letting them know that dogs were present and might be brought out at any time. If the City’s and PPD’s goal is truly to practice community policing, as we keep hearing, then why the intimidating dog tactic? For what possible reason would dogs be needed at a protest? The fact is, we’ve all seen deplorable images of uniformed white men holding the leashes of dogs snarling at people of color. We all know how dogs have historically been used against African Americans both enslaved and “freed.” Why revive that imagery? Why incite that terror? The dogs in the van that traveled next to me as I walked up the hill toward the State House had, it seemed to me, been provoked. I just don’t believe that well-trained dogs would have been that vocal and that agitated without some provocation. Please stand with the people on this, Mayor Elorza.

    I will continue to put pressure on the mayor and on my councilman, Bryan Principe, and will urge everyone I know in the city and in my ward to do the same.

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