We’re Having A Public Hearing!

It’s happening, folks.

Wednesday September 14th at 5pm, 3rd floor of City Hall.

We are asking for all people of Providence to pack City Hall and stand with us as we testify for the need of police accountability in making our communities safer. We need to show that it’s not just one part of Providence, but ALL of Providence asking for police accountability.

Leading up the public hearing, please email, call, text, fax your City Council representative and remind them why we need such a critical ordinance passed! Currently, we have the following City Councilors who have stated their support:

  1. Luis Aponte
  2. Mary Kay Harris
  3. Kevin Jackson
  4. Wilbur Jennings
  5. Sabina Matos
  6. Carmen Castillo

We’ve identified the following Councilors as possible supporters who just need a little more push to be able to say YES to the CSA:

  1. JoAnn Ryan
  2. Sam Zurier
  3. Bryan Principe
  4. John Igliozzi

If you live in the wards of potential supporters, please reach out to them as much as possible to let them know that their constituents are asking for the CSA.

Hope to see you + your friends + community there!
Contact vanessa@prysm.us for more info.


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