Welcoming our Campaign Coordinator

Recently STEP UP hired coalition member Vanessa Flores-Maldonado as Campaign Coordinator. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Vanessa is a first generation Guatemalan-American who became involved with the CSA Campaign through PrYSM. Among many, many, many things, Vanessa has been tasked with updating this website. Thank you for your patience as she figures out how to smoothly update everything.

If you have any questions about the CSA or want to know how to get involved, please email Vanessa at vanessa@prysm.us to find out more info.


2 thoughts on “Welcoming our Campaign Coordinator

    • Hi Elaine,

      The CSA is no longer making amendments to the ordinance as the more changes we make, the more difficult it becomes to gain support for the ordinance. Thank you for your input though and we hope that your wish can happen soon because it is a valid need.


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