Press Conference for the Providence CSA

Join us as we hold a press conference before the introduction of the groundbreaking Community Safety Act!

Facebook event

Meet outside City Council Chambers (third floor of City Hall) to hear Council members and community members speak about the importance of the bill.

Join us in the City Council Chambers to show community support as the ordinance is being introduced!

Meet at DARE (340 Lockwood St.) at 5:30 pm for rides.

// About the Community Safety Act //

We recognize that a community cannot truly be safe while it lives in fear and distrust of the police. The Providence Community Safety Act is a strong first step toward shifting the focus from criminalizing people of color to addressing the root causes that perpetuate violence in our communities.

The Community Safety Act would:

  • Require officers to document every stop, including race and ethnicity, age, and reason
  • Ban consent searches of people without probable cause
  • Protect the right of women and transgender people during searches
  • Include due process and appeal rights for the gang database
  • Guarantee the right of civilians to record police activity
  • Ban ICE holds and limit collaboration between PPD and ICE

This is an exciting, groundbreaking, comprehensive piece of legislation that will have real effects on many lives. Please come learn about the ordinance and show the City Council that we won’t take any more abuse by the cops!

Event organized by the STEP UP Coalition, which includes Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE), the Olneyville Neighborhood Association (ONA), the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM).


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